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If you are replacing your dishwasher, washing machine, garburator or refrigerator. Our Plumbers can hook-up the water, drain and electrical connection to the appliance.

If it's a new install, our plumbers can recommend an install location with budget, ease of use and feasibility in mind. Call us in Victoria, Saanich, or Oak Bay if you're installing a Laundry / clothes washer, dishwasher, garburator, refrigerator with ice maker or water line.

Bosch Dishwasher Installation

Washing Machine / Clothes Washer Hoses

Washing machine and clothes washer hoses should be replaced every 5 years with approved braided stainless steel hoses. Rubber hoses become weak over time and can burst flooding your home and create serious property damage. In fact, burst laundry supply hoses are one of the most common flood insurance claims.

If you're not sure how old your hoses are, it's definitely time to replace them. We always stock stainless steel braided hoses and can replace your washer's hoses leaving you with piece of mind.

If you are considering a stackable washer / dryer combination or want to move your laundry into a closet or a more convenient space, we can help you plan and move the plumbing to get you the laundry set-up you want.

Washer InstallationWasher Dryer InstallationBurst Water HoseWater Hose Replacement


We install and replace dishwashers, all makes. If your dishwasher has run its last load, or you are installing one in a new or renovated kitchen, our plumbers will install your new dishwasher and make sure it's done right.

Many dishwashers out there have been installed using grey plastic water supply lines made of poly butylene (poly b). This material was used from the 1980's up until 1999. It has been banned due to the high number of failures and property damage. These should definitely be replaced with an approved braided stainless steel water supply line or a copper or pex water supply line.

Dishwasher Installation


Garburators are really great for those quick kitchen clean-up jobs after dinner or during food prep, so making sure that your is grinding and working correctly is important. If you notice that your garburator has stopped working or makes a hum or humming sound when attempting to grind give us a ring, we install and service all makes of garburators / garbage disposals. We can also supply and install your next garburator, and recommend the right one to suit your kitchen needs.

Garburator Installation


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