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Drain Cleaning and Sewer Snaking

Garden City Plumbing Ltd. offers drain cleaning services in Victoria, North Saanich and Sidney.  From a simple plugged sink to a backed-up sewer, call us to get your drains back to normal.

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Sink and Tub Drains

Hair and grease can clog drains causing them to run slowly, eventually causing the drain to block and overflow. Kitchen sinks, traps and trap arms are especially prone to grease blockages and bad odors can result from a nasty grease build-up in kitchen sink drain. Hair will tend to clog a bathroom sink or bathtub and can really affect the drain action of these fixtures.

Clogged Drain


A toilet can clog with toilet paper or a foreign object such as a child's toy or a toothbrush. These types of blockages can be major, and a plunger may not work to unclog the toilet. Call a pro to unblock the toilet or extract the object that created the blockage.

Sewer Snaking

If you have a backed-up sewer due to root infiltration or foreign material such as a grease, you could have a really gross problem when a sewer backs-up into the lower level of your home.  Our plumbers will get your drains flowing again.  

Drain Snake


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