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Electric Water Heater Specials

 We are currently offering special pricing on 40 imperial gallon / 50 US gallon electric hot water heaters with installation.


We have a 8yr warranty giant water heater for $895 plus GST

Price includes:  tank and typical installation, and disposal of old tank.

Tank is 240V 3000W


Rheem Marathon 50 USG Electric tank $2250 plus GST - (installation requires prior site visit)

-Lifetime warranty tank, 10yrs on controls

-tank is fully plastic, no need to change anode rod, nothing to rust

-High efficiency water heater .95EF, super insulated outer shell provides great standby heat retention


For Expansion tank add $120 at time of Hot water tank installation.

And for properly-sized earthquake straps add $155 at time of hot water tank installation (site visit required).


Prices Valid to December 31st 2017- not to be combined with any other offer.

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