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Hot water recirculation pump

A long wait for water at a fixture is common if you have a long pipe runs, and the wait can be especially long if the pipe is a larger than a 1/2" (13mm) diameter.

There are a few ways to fix a long wait for hot water

1) install a recirculation pump with a dedicated water return line from the hot water source to the farthest faucet.  This is the best way to fix the issue, but very involved if it's a finished space. if there is an unfinished space below, (i.e a crawl space this is ideal)

2) install an under the sink recirculation pump that uses the cold water line as the return, you get instant hot water, but the cold water at the faucet comes out warm for the same duration.  Sort of a reversal of the issue, but having the water warm is more desirable. 

3) if there is room below the sink, a hot water booster tank could be installed.  This is a small 12-20 litre water heater installed under the sink, the water is instantly hot, since it is at the point of use.  And the cold water would remain cold. 

4) a simpler option would be to replace the current faucet with one with a higher flow rate.  It won't deliver hot water instantly, but can reduce the time it takes for the hot water to flow to the faucet.

5) in some cases hot water piping could be reduced in length or diameter to a shorten the time it takes to reach the faucet.  A shorter path takes less time, and water can flow with more velocity in a smaller diameter pipe.

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