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On Demand Hot Water Heater

Conventional tank type water heaters keep water at a constant temperature so its ready when you need it.  To do so, they constantly heat the water even when you're not using it.

This results in wasted energy and adds to the operational costs of the water heater.  Depending on the type, storage gas water heaters are usually between 53% and 71% efficient.  This loss of efficiency translates to wasted money.

Condensing tankless / on demand heaters can operate in the 90% to 98% efficiency range by reclaiming the heat loss that would normally go up the chimney or flue.  This extra efficiency saves you money and is more environmentally sustainable.  As well, these heaters operate at much lower flue temperatures, and have an array of options for exhaust and venting configurations, expanding the installation possibilities. 

Another benefit to tankless water heaters is that water is heated as needed, so water isn't heated until you turn on the hot water tap, and heat as much as you need, so no need to worry or plan during those peak bathroom times.

Tankless heaters brands we recommend are Navien and Rheem.


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