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Toilet installation and repair

If you have problem with your toilet hissing intermittently, or your toilet is running constantly, or if it intermittently fills or you detect a leak at the base of the toilet, your toilet needs professional service. Our plumbers in North Saanich, Victoria and Sidney will get your toilet working properly again. We always install OEM or approved parts.

If you have a rocking or loose toilet, you might have a broken toilet flange or the toilet was installed incorrectly. This rocking or loose toilet will lose it's seal and could create a bad smell or odor from sewage or sewer gases leaking into your home. Call Garden City Plumbing Ltd, your local plumber in Victoria.  We guarantee all our work, so we'll make sure that your toilet is working correctly.

Victoria Toilet Installation

Victoria Toilet Replacement

A hairline crack in a toilet can spell trouble. A porcelain toilet can fracture from these stress cracks. If you have any kind of cracked toilet bowl or toilet tank, the weight of water in the tank or a person sitting on it can fracture the toilet tank and you could have a major flood on your hands. If you're not home, the broken toilet can flood water into your home for hours or days before being detected.

Have us send a licensed plumber to inspect your toilet tank and bowl for any cracks.

Victoria Toilet Installation

Water Saving Toilets

According to the CRD, 27% of the water used in your home goes to flushing the toilet. So why not conserve all that you can from going down the drain?

If your toilet is pre 1990's it may be a 13 liter per flush (lpf) water waster. New toilets sold in the CRD region are required to be either a single flush 4.8 lpf or a dual flush 3.0 lpf / 6.0lpf . These toilets use 2-3 times less water.

Let's compare the water consumption of a 13 lpf toilet vs a 4.8lpf toilet that is flushed 10 times a day for one year:
13 lpf x 10 flushes a day x 365 days = 47,450 liters of water in one year
4.8lpf x 10 flushes a day x 365 days = 17,520 liters of water in one year

That's a water savings of more than 30,000 liters (30 m3)! And a dollar savings of $95.61 per year / per toilet, based on current District of Saanich water usage rates.

We can recommend and install stylish, budget friendly and code compliant toilets to suit your needs. Call us for a quote or a recommendation on a great toilet.

Victoria Low Flow Toilet Installation

Water Conservation Laws and Water Saving Tips

Installing a high efficiency toilet (4.8lpf or 3.0lpf/6.0lpf) is the law. The BC Building Code changed in October 2011 to require that a low-flow / high efficiency toilet be installed in all refits, renovations, and newly constructed buildings. If you're planning on installing a toilet, and want to ensure it is code-compliant, call a professional plumber. Saanich has some great water saving tips on their website.

Read more about low flow / high efficiency toilets at the CRD website.  Sorry but the CRD isn't offering a toilet rebate for installing low flow toilets at this time.

Clogged Toilets

Ever flush a toilet and the have the water come up instead of down? That's a toilet clog, if the toilet won't unblock using a plunger, its time to call a plumber.  So call us, Garden City Plumbing LTD your Victoria plumber.



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